Liberal thinkers

shieldsAs a news junkie, I often find myself seeking out political discussions and debates on the various news networks. I like listening to the exchange of viewpoints and the impassioned sparring over serious topics from seasoned analysts. The roundtable and panel formats are my favorite. They’re much more interesting to me than the hyper-partisan, red meat shows that are designed more to fire up political bases than they are to enlighten anyone. I’ve already figured out through forty years of life lessons and experiences where I stand philosophically, thus I don’t need constant affirmation that my views are correct.

Still, I’m interested in what people on the other side of issues have to say, and I’m certainly open to being persuaded that I’m wrong. After all, I didn’t always support gay marriage. I wasn’t always against the death penalty. Some people might have even considered me to be a non-interventionist on foreign policy a long time ago. But with that open-mindedness has come a realization that I just can’t seem to escape: Liberals may largely control the media these days, but they’re nearly absent when it comes to serious, independent thinkers among their ranks.

I’m not saying that liberals in the media are dumb. Well, some of them certainly are, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. I’m saying that there’s just not a whole lot of depth when it comes to the supposed liberal elite in the media. Frankly, it disappoints me. After all, I want fruitful, robust debate. I want to hear opposing, well-reasoned sides of various issues. I want liberal thinkers in the media to convince me that my stance on an issue is wrong by stating a compelling case for why they are right.

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