Liberal Party platform

David_with_Candidates.JPGThe Alberta Liberal 2015 platform is specifically designed for hard-working Alberta families. This visionary document has three key pillars: progressive issues, urban agenda and trusted leadership for all Albertans.


Problem: The gay-straight alliance issue has shown Albertans that Mr. Prentice dithers. Alberta Liberals had to drag the Prentice Conservatives over the line.

Solution: Albertans can count on Alberta Liberals to stand up on progressive issues:

  • Equal pay for work of equal value
  • Improving vaccination rates
  • Teaching sexual consent in school
  • Increasing legal aid funding
  • Protection for paid farm workers

Quote: “Albertans can’t trust the Prentice Conservatives on progressive issues, ” says Liberal Leader David Swann. “Albertans can count on Liberals to be a strong voice on progressive issues.”


Problem: More than 80 per cent of Albertans live in urban areas, yet our municipal leaders do not have adequate funding to build our cities and towns.

Solution: Alberta Liberals recognize the unique needs of cities big and small and believe that thriving, properly financed municipalities benefit all Albertans:

  • Historic five point municipal agenda
  • Improve health care access
  • Dignity for seniors
  • Excellence in K-12 and post-secondary education
  • Arts and culture investment

Quote: “Alberta Liberals propose the strongest municipal agenda in Alberta’s history, ” says David Swann. “Mr. Prentice seems quite happy to invest in golf courses while cities lack sustainable, predictable, and adequate funding.”


Problem: While the other parties are beholden to special interest groups – and have a hidden agenda – we represent all Albertans.

Solution: The Alberta Liberal Party proudly occupies the moderate and sensible centre:

Increase revenues $1, 173.2 million

  • Better government: collect outstanding $1, 645.0 million
  • Shrink deficit $1, 422.0 million
  • Eliminate small business tax and health care levy
  • Cut taxes on Albertans earning less than $50, 000
  • Adjust taxes on large corporations by a modest 2 per cent
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