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RUSH: I interviewed Mark Steyn, occasional guest host of this program. He's got a new book out. I interviewed him last week for the next issue of The Limbaugh Letter. And we got to talking. He had made a statement that I needed him to explain. I needed some clarification. He said, "You cannot have a conservative government with a liberal culture." I wanted to know if he meant that literally or if he meant it in some other context, because clearly if the Republicans win the presidency in 2016, we're going to have, maybe not a conservative, but we're going to have somebody who is not liberal as president in a liberal culture. And by definition that will be a, let's say, Republican government.

Now, I know the bureaucracy is populated with career leftists. But we're speaking theoretically here. The point he was trying to make was it doesn't matter. If we don't change the culture, we're never really going to change anything. We can have all the conservative presidents we want and if that doesn't mean or translate to or result from a change in the culture, the culture remains dominantly liberal. Pop culture, entertainment, all that. News business culture, if that doesn't change, then the two can't go together. Meaning there's no way that a conservative or Republican president is going to tame liberals who oppose him.

So I brought up Reagan. And I said, "How would you explain that?" That was a dominant liberal culture then, because it always has been, and yet Reagan won two landslides. He reminded me of something that I didn't need to be reminded of. Reagan was still hated and reviled and all that, that's true, but Reagan still won two landslides. We never got rid of the Department of Education, but we did cut taxes and made some inroads and got sensible policies on a lot of things. There were Reagan Democrats. There were Democrats leaving the party and becoming Republicans.

Now, the culture still despised Reagan, but we had an effective conservative president in the midst of a liberal culture. And if what Steyn had said was literally true, that you cannot have a conservative government with a liberal culture, then what do you have, what is the purpose of a conservative/Republican winning the presidency, if it simply can't co-exist with a dominant liberal culture?

With that thought in my mind, I ran across an opinion piece at a blog site, a website called Talking Points Memo headed up by some guy named Joshua Micah Marshall.

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